Green Beans

OK – i’ll admit two things about this recipe :

A – not sure if this even qualifies as a recipe … but for my defense I must state – this is by far one of my favorites !!! serve with anything – rice, quinoa, couscous,  next to your protein … simple and yet – delicious.

B – I know great chefs use a blanching technique for green beans – short cooking in boiling water – then an ice bath to stop the cooking process – a technique that will keep them beans crunchy and vivid green – I beg to differ …


Three ingredients … so do make an effort to use the best … Fresh green beans – fresh garlic (not those horrible frozen cubes) – and most importantly – good qualify tomato paste  (i’m biased for Muti – can eat it with a spoon).

Clean the green beans – discard the steam and cut to half (yes – of course you should rinse them to).

Peel and chop the garlic cloves.

In a pot – over medium heat – put a nice quantity of olive oil – add the garlic when the oil is still cold !!!


Let the garlic cook a little – the smell will tell you its time for next step.

Add the tomato pure to the pot – and let it cook in the oil.


Once again – trust your nose to detect time to proceed – noses never lie.

Add water – not too much – you need to get to a sauce consistency …. not too thick not too watery …

Salt – and you are done.

Now add the green beans – and let cook – covered – for … as long as it takes for the beans to be fully cooked – tender – and covered nicely with this simple yet tasty sauce. Remember – those are not chef’s bean – but rather a housewife version of bean – let them cook … thoroughly … to the point they are “melting” tender – but yet resemble green beans.

Stir the beans gently once or twice while cooking – just to make sure they are cooked evenly and covered with sauce.

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